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Clean the lungs of tobacco:

Eat raw garlic, drink green tea, practice breathing techniques. All smokers, passive or active, subject all their respiratory system to a daily bombardment of toxins extremely harmful to health. It is necessary to clean the lungs of smokers periodically to free ourselves of substances that can even trigger some cancer. Every day we expose our respiratory system to environmental changes that can harm it considerably. With the air we breathe, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. also enter our body. Without realizing it, and living in large cities with a high percentage of pollution, we breathe numerous potentially dangerous substances.

If we add to this the habit of smoking, our respiratory system is highly threatened. With each cigarette, more than 4000 substances are dismissed. When our respiratory system suffers we are more prone to contract diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies are more recurrent, etc. To be able to strengthen it, scientists advise to carry out a deep purification of the organs and promote their correct functioning through some essential nutrients. But we must detoxify the lungs that are compiled up with the tobacco.

Quitting smoking has many health benefits, and one of them is to recover the lung capacity that has been affected by tar and harmful chemicals in cigarettes. These are trapped in the lungs and make it difficult to take oxygen and discard carbon dioxide. To help with this lung cleansing process, there are some tips that can help and speed up the process. The cigarette intoxicates the whole body with its toxins, but the lungs are usually one of the most affected organs. It is important to clean the lungs when smoking is stopped but also while smoking to reduce the risk of disease. The idea is to completely stop the habit of smoking, and while you are in this process, different methods are used to eliminate the toxic residues that accumulate in the lungs.

  1. Raw garlic:

The consumption of raw garlic helps to eliminate the accumulated mucus in the chest cavities, thanks to its allicin content. In addition to also having antibiotic properties, it helps maintain high defenses.

  1. Ginger:

The regular intake of ginger helps to expel the secretions produced by tobacco.

  1. Green Tea:

Green tea is very beneficial for health thanks to its antioxidant content (including catechin), which prevents the harmful effects of free radicals causing diseases such as cancer. Also, it also helps eliminate the accumulation of mucus caused by tobacco.

  1. Avoid exposure to air irritants:

Smokers and ex-smokers have already been exposed to toxic substances and pollutants. Therefore, once this habit is abandoned, it is advisable to stay as far away as possible from any irritating substance found in the air such as chemicals, glues, adhesives, pollen, etc.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet:

Include in the diet fruits rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits that help eliminate free radicals that favor pulmonary congestion. Apples that by their content of ascorbic acid and magnesium, improve lung function while detoxifying the lungs at the cellular level. Pineapples also help increase elasticity by contributing to deep breathing and vegetables that have antioxidant properties and provide vitamins.

  1. Doing physical activity:

Physical exercise is essential to improve the cleanliness of the lungs of tobacco toxins and improve lung capacity. If an activity was not practiced before, it should begin gradually and increase the intensity, time and frequency moderately.

  1. Practice breathing techniques:

Learning breathing techniques is very beneficial to improve the function of the lungs and clean them from harmful chemicals.

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